Biovilq  Medical Waste Solutions
                                                                                                                  SAFE. RELIABLE. CONVENIENT. COMPLIANT

BIOVILQ is a full service disposal provider that specializes in the collection, transportation and disposal of medical waste. Hazardous and sometimes infectious waste is generated by hospitals, clinics, doctors, hospices, homes, pharmacies, laboratories, educational institutions and research facilities. Medical waste can pose a serious threat to public health and the environment.

BIOVILQ complies with national policies, laws and regulations in the disposal of medical waste, primarily focusing on public and environmental safety. We cater to the specific disposal needs of these healthcare facilities, efficiently providing a safe, reliable and convenient service to all our clients.

Why Choose Us?

·     Flexible service tailored to suit your requirements.

·     All your medical waste is compliantly and securely processed, giving you peace of mind.

·     Quality products and performance that meet the highest standards.